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What is the UnderGround Church?

The underground church is pretty much exactly what it sounds like.  It is the church without borders, walls or frill.  It is just Jesus, People the Bible and the power of God working through people.

The Purpose

Jesus promised us that the times would get dire prior to His return.  I believe that God is leading me to promote an understanding among the people in the church that:

  • His coming is sooner rather than later
  • The times of His soon return are not going to be easy
  • The Church itself is going to have to adapt to severe change
  • The form of the church and the method in which it functions will have to change
  • God is about to do things through His church that He has yet to do (Jesus said, greater things than these will you do).
  • The end times church will be a church tried by fire, powerful through the Holy Spirit’s power, and holy.

My hope and prayer is that few fall away, although Jesus did say that there would be a falling away. We need to be equiped in mind, body and spirit for what lies ahead. God is moving, the time is near. Are you really ready?


2 Responses to “About”

  1. internet elias said

    AMEN! We are in critical but Glorious times. For those who ‘love his appearing’ we see the darkness closing in but we rejoice for the Light in our souls. Now is time for the ‘real’ people of God to be a comfort to the fearful and the weaker brethren. And you are so right, we are about to see things not seen since the time of the first apostles. The fault is ours…not God’s. We’ve not yielded ourselves as a Temple of God. But we are learning and we are drawing nigh to Him as never before. He has been so very real to me for my entire life. But I have taken so much of His love and mercy for granted…so caught up in ‘churchianity’ rather than ‘Christ…ianity.’ He has put a portion of His immense love for others into my heart. My greatest joy is in serving others in His name with no strings attached, no fanfare, but in secret….andf known only to Him. It might be done by speaking in defense of the poor and helpless. It might be done by ‘turning the other cheek.’ It might be done by bringing a particular need before the throne and asking ‘thy will be done.” What more can we do for anyone than give their needs to the Father. I am seeing such awesome things since I have finally learned that ‘the battle is the Lords.’

    At my blogsite, internetelias.wordpress.com, I have shared many of my experiences over my lifetime. But many I have kept ‘in my heart.’ They are for my ‘knowledge and understanding’….and growth.

    My site is internet..ELIAS directly because of God’s allowing me to hear Elias crying, in an audible voice, in the daytime, “Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make his path straight.’ It was in April of 2005. It was real. It is serious. And I am somewhat of an ‘outcast’ for sharing it (ha). I have been called a blasphemer, dillusional, and other sweet words…by fellow CHRISTIANS who have not had my experiences and therefore conclude that mine are not real :smile.: PRAISE THE LORD! And I do, indeed, count it all JOY!

  2. Hi Jeff,
    can you show us how to post your teaching on kingdompriestworship to our testimonial page on our web site? we don’t know how to add it as a link or a testimony because we are new at building a web site.
    HELP !!!!

    Deana & Anthony

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