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Day 83: World View

Posted by undergroundchurch on January 5, 2016

Scriptural Nuggets Daily DevotionScriptural Nuggets Daily Devotion

Which weighs the most, 16 oz of feathers or 1 pound of solid lead?

Before I answer the question, let’s talk world views. World views are the framework you use when evaluating everything you encounter. They are the glasses you see the world through. 

World views have a tendency to taint our objectivity and keep us from adopting new ideas that operate outside our particular world view. We tend to bias our thoughts toward our particular viewpoint. 

Everybody has world views, and for many of us, we have no idea where they came from, why we have a particular one or, even worse, how to prove them.  When something comes up so powerful that we can’t deny it in the face of our world view, our “world”, as it were, can come crashing down. Everything we thought was real is called into question.

Our world view also tends to polarize our thoughts. Something is one way or another way, but we have a very hard time thinking that it could be both or a combination thereof.

World views have other names too like perspective, point of view, stance, intuition, and theories. When groups of people form them we call them conventional wisdom or political correctness. We will often spend time taking in only the data that supports our particular point and ignore the data that tells a different story. The main danger to world views is the inability to get to truth. In fact, the “main barrier to truth is our presumption we already have it” – Chuck Missler.

So back to my question. Which weighs the most? If your world view sees numbers like 16 being larger than 1, or you don’t know the different between oz and pounds, you may have said the feathers weigh the most. If you think in pictures, then you probably see the lead and the feathers and say, it has to be the lead. Still, if you are skeptical, you are probably thinking that this is a trick question. Still some of you have seen something like this before and you know the answer because of your world view experience.

The truth is that both weigh the most because they weigh exactly the same. So how did your world view influence your?

We’ll look more at world views tomorrow.


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