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Day 77: The Paradigm of Slavery

Posted by undergroundchurch on December 28, 2015

Scriptural Nuggets Daily DevotionScriptural Nuggets Daily Devotion

Forced Slavery is a horrid practice. It has taken so many forms through the centuries, but has a basic objective – strip another of their rights, make them obey your every command, restrict their every move and force them to depend upon the master.

Whether sLavern is a result of an invading army’s action or a government’s will or by a kidnapper’s hand, forced slavery is cruel, evil demeaning and tyrannical. There is never an excuse for it.

Notice the verbs “Strip, Make, restrict, force”. These are verbs void of love, compassion and mercy. But what if I take those verbs and transform them, “Freely give up my rights. Willingly obey your every command. Lovingly surrender my will. Trust and depend on my master.” This transforms the concept from something that man has corrupted into something that God has designed.

In the Bible, there is no word to differentiate between slave and servant. It is the same word and is the word literally translated “slave”. It is the most all encompassing word to describe a Christian.

In Bible times, slaves often were endentured and the result of a debt or some other obligation that put them in a “temporary” position that required them to become a slave. Some masters, though, actually were good people and treated their slaves with kindness. At the end of their slave’s term, the slave had two options – leave or stay. If they did choose to stay, they would take an awl and hammer and stand at the doorpost where the master would punch a hole in their ear indicating that they were no longer and endentured slave, but a servant bound by love. A willing slave. It is this picture that God uses to present himself to to us.

Everyone of us is born into slavery – Slavery to sin and this world and its ways. And no matter what we do, we will always serve somebody. But God offers us the opportunity to willingly change masters to one that loves you so much that he was willing to die that we might be free. That we could come into his house, surrender our selfish will to his perfect will. Release our cares upon him, trust in his love, hope in an eternity with him and allow him to be our shelter, strength and strong tower.

He won’t force us. It is completely our free will to choose him as master or remain an endentured slave to this world. But to be a slave of God, we must give up all of our rights. In fact, a true follower of Christ has no rights of their own.

Yes, I am a slave, no longer to this world, but a willing slave to a loving God. I am truly blessed to be a servant household of a loving God.





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