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Day 75: Programming Life

Posted by undergroundchurch on February 27, 2014

Scriptural Nuggets Daily DevotionScriptural Nuggets Daily Devotion

Two major problems biological evolutionists cannot overcome is “What is Life” and “How is information injected into the evolutionary process”. 

The laws of chaos, a.k.a. entropy (2nd Law of Thermodynamics) indicates that everything is moving from order to disorder or randomness. In order to move through the evolutionary process, which defies the natural order of things, information has to be injected into a degrading system to move billions upon billions of incremental steps from randomness to order in spite of their natural bent. It also has to be done with purpose or a goal in mind. 

Most areas of science accept the law of entropy until it comes to biology and evolution. This is where they must forsake the rules to that violoate a faith that given time, even entropy can be overcome (as ironic as that might sound).  Biological evolution is a belief system that denies entropy.

Somewhere along the way, inanimate objects jumped the line to adopt life. Of course, this was totally accidental and whose odds are statistically impossible.  (As a side note, if this isn’t controversial enough, the same life they are so desparate to prove happened accidentally, they are willing to kill as long as it is still inside the womb. But I digress).

Life is a whole new Level Life has no measurable substance.  A body that dies weighs the same as it did when alive. Life is dimensionally different than matter.

Not only is life different, but information itself follows the same path. If I took a hard drive and weighed it, and then filled it with all the information on the internet, it would weigh the same.  Information has no mass. Information is not ones and zeros, but an intelligently designed system that defines the structure and purpose of the ones and zeros. Also, the information needs to be addressed differently at different levels. For example, a computer has 7 OSI layers. (Physical, Data link, Network, Transport, Session, Presentation and Application) Information at each layer requires different languages, different programming,different framework.  The human life is millions of times more complex than a rather simple computer.

We are a collection of atoms. There is no information intrinsic to the atom to tell it to reproduce. Yet, when properly aligned, a self-correcting code can be placed inside of every cell of the body that contains all the information necessary to replicate without any erros billions of times in your lifetime. It cannot randomly have complexity added to it. Like a computer, a programmer needs to define the DNA layout, the cell structure, and billions of other variables at billions of different levels in millions of different life forms that are independent of one another. The dirty little secret is that when we make an evolutionary change on the micro level such as how we get toy dogs from big dogs, we lose genetic information; we don’t gain it.

So, which requires greater blind faith? Believing that random acts of chance that had to repeat themselves trillions of times to produced everything you see today or that someone outside our dimension of time/space designed it to be this way.

When you really consider the alternatives, it doesn’t take nearly as much faith to believe in a creator God than you might think.


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