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Day 54: Fatherly Compassion

Posted by undergroundchurch on June 16, 2011

Scriptural Nuggets Daily DevotionScriptural Nuggets Daily Devotion

“As a father has compassion on his children, so the LORD has compassion on those who fear him;” Psalm 103:13 NIV

Sadly, many people cannot relate to this Scripture. If you did not have a compassionate father, I can understand where you may skip over this, but there is something important in this passage that gives greater understanding about God and how fathers should act.

Fear the Lord

The problem with understanding the “fear of the Lord” is that too many feared their fathers out of real fear for their own lives.  They feared the backhand, the fist, the drunkenness, the yelling and fights.  However, that type of fear is not the kind of fear we should have of the Lord.

The fear of the Lord is trembling, awe and reverence for a holy God that with a mere thought can remove you from this world.  However, it is the love and compassion of the Lord that produces the patience He has with us, which in turn gives us assurance that He truly loves us.  This patience is not shown to give us permission to sin but to allow Him to work in us to deliver us out of dependence on sin.

His holiness produces in us a fear of the Lord, but his compassion frees us to boldly come before him still trembling yet knowing that He accepts us.

Fatherly Compassion

Fathers in this world need to draw on God’s example of Fatherly Compassion.

Our kids are a treasure, but sometimes they can be a bit of a handful.  We can be very upset with some acts in them.  However, when this happens, it is important to keep in mind God’s approach with us and then emulate it.

  1. Show the error, yet show more love before, during and after correction
  2. Show more love than disappointment
  3. You are a Father first, but don’t forget that you are the reason your kids are here.
  4. Your job is to train them up in the Lord to reflect the life and love of Christ. The best way to do that is show them love like Jesus does.

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