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Day 45: Worship Thought – “Quality Time”

Posted by undergroundchurch on April 14, 2011

Scriptural Nuggets Daily DevotionScriptural Nuggets Daily Devotion

Time is like land, there is only so much you can use for one purpose before everything else suffers.

The question you must ask is not “how much time do you devote to worship” but “what is the best quality time I have in my day, and how can I devote that to God”?

Remember Cain and Abel. Cain brought some of his harvest, Abel brought his worship from the “best” or first of the flock. Both of them spent time bringing the worship, but only Abel brought the best quality and right type, and his was accepted.

We can’t “fit” time with God into our schedule. We need to make room in our schedule for God.


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