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Day 33: Magnetism and Electricity – Another Thought

Posted by undergroundchurch on February 9, 2011

I’d like to add another thought to my previous article.

I think the relationship between electricity and magnetism is better seen in the essence of the church.

One of the greatest discoveries in science was the relationship between electricity and magnetism.  A magnet is used to create electricity by spinning a specially wound coil of wires inside an alternating magnetic field.

Electricity from a Magnet


A magnet is created by wrapping a coil of wires around a piece of metal and running electricity through the wires.

Electromagnet - a magnet from electricity

The two forces are linked and depend on one another.  By switching a couple things around, the whole dynamics change.  Without electricity, you wouldn’t have magnetism, without magnetism, you wouldn’t have electricity.

The Church

This relationship is a perfect illustration of the church.  In 1 Corinthians 12 and many other places like Ephesians 4:16 Paul shows that the Church is a body and that it is made up of many parts.  Each part is essential and dependent on one another.

No member is an island.  The church is not a building, an organization or denomination… it is a powerful organism birthed in the blood of Christ, empowered by the Spirit of God and endowed with an eternal calling.

Each one of us is essential to the life and growth of the church.  The various gifts each of us possess change the dynamics of the church and open up new areas of ministry and influence.


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