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Day 14: How Much do You Love Jesus?

Posted by undergroundchurch on January 14, 2011

Scriptural Nuggets Daily DevotionScriptural Nuggets Daily Devotion

We have lost transparency, and that’s one of the main reasons why so many people stay bound. – Lady Eagle 8

Sometimes I hear a message and just one line jumps out, and I can’t let it go.

This line was uttered by a lady that used to be homosexual until she met the power of God.  She was actually told by people in the church that she shouldn’t tell others about what God did…

Say what?!?

I’m sorry… If God delivered me from something that amazing, I’d be jumping up and down!

But what if Jesus delivered you from… oh, say, drinking or drugs or something radical?

Would you be inclined to tell everybody you saw?

What if God delivered you from your debt? Would you testify to God or your discipline?

What if God delivered you from a headache? Would you testify to God’s healing power or Advil?

Jesus laid out a principle in Scripture that defines how much your are willing to testify about Him, which is found in Luke 7:36-50.

Jesus is at a religious leader’s house and while eating, a woman (most likely a prostitute) comes in with anointing oil and begins weeping at Jesus’ feet, putting oil on his feet and wiping His feet with her tears and hair.

Simon, the religious leader, is disgusted.

Jesus proceeds to tell him a story of a lender that forgave two people of their debts. One owed 10 times more than the other. He then asks Simon, “Which one with the debt do you think loved the one who forgave the debt more?”

Simon correctly replies, “The one who was forgiven the most.”

In verse 47, Jesus lays the principle out…

Therefore, I tell you, her many sins have been forgiven—as her great love has shown. But whoever has been forgiven little loves little.


Our love for God starts at the level of forgiveness we realize is lavished upon us.

Those of us that have been delivered from “heinous” sins tend to fall deeply in love with Christ. Those who have not, have a more difficult time mustering that level of intense love. However, might I suggest that all of us have one thing we have been delivered from that, though we didn’t experience it fully, we need to get through our heads so that we too can love as she did?

Our Great Deliverance

Every believer was once dead in their sins and on their way to an eternal hell where there is weeping, gnashing teeth, fire and sulfur and a complete utter absence of the presence of God for EVER!

Whatever life Christ delivered you from pales in comparison to the deliverance Christ brought you when you believed.  Once you set your heart on this fact and understand what he really did for you, your love will begin to grow for Christ like never before.



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