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Spiritual Maggots

Posted by undergroundchurch on October 17, 2010

Maggots can’t see, hear, walk or fly. They eat crap all day, live in the dirt, and do what comes natural… worm their way through life. Eventually, they die.

Actually, only their body dies. It goes through this pupa stage where the body crusts over and it stops moving, eating, breathing, and living.

A few days later, a new creature bursts forth with a whole new life. It can fly, walk, hear and see. It now has a perspective on the world that it never could have imagined before. It is the same creature in a new body that operates on a whole new plane.

In many ways, believers are like spiritual maggots. OK, maybe your more like a caterpillar, or some nicer looking larval form, but either way, you are living in a world which is not your home. You eat the dirt of this earth, but you are called to a greater purpose.

One day, the sun will set on you and you will be transformed in your body. You will no longer carry the pain of this world, you will no longer eat of its filth. You will be made new and walk streets of gold in a new world free of sin, Satan and sickness, where God will be its light.

Right now, you think you know what’s coming, but you really can’t fathom the unimaginable beauty, the indescribable joy and the unbelievable world God has in store for those that love him.

So you may feel like a maggot some days, but don’t worry, one day you will soar like… a butterfly.


One Response to “Spiritual Maggots”

  1. Maria Rodriguez said

    when I seen those things I got really freaked out and I know I had to get rid of now my X boyfriend. I was drinking the stuff and I feel that I have to do something else that my heart telling me to do and every time something messes my mind up I see the maggots and my garbage can and once I get back on track they’re gone I always asked God for signs and for some reason I looked this up as I seen it every time something bad was happening and I was feeding into it thank you for putting that out there

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