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Keeping the Worship Fresh

Posted by undergroundchurch on August 31, 2010

Why is our experience in worship so varied?

We can worship God one time through song and prayer and feel like it is just a scripted venture with no passion, but the next time we sing those same songs and pray, it is like God throws the doors open to His throne room and angels dance around us.

Is there a key to keeping our worship fresh so that it isn’t so inconsistent?

I’m not a huge fan of “Do this and you get that”, but there are some basics that if we keep in mind will, I believe, aid in keeping our time with the Father more memorable each time.

Let’s follow the acronym for W.O.R.S.H.I.P.


If you don’t take in a deep sense of awe and wonder of who God is, your worship is destined to be shallow and, frankly, uninspiring.


…your heart, your eyes, your ears. Worship is as much about listening for God as it is talking to him.


You need to practice, practice, practice being in the presence of God. Don’t expect one short 20 minute session per week in the protected confines of a structured church service to get you to a deeper level. You have to do it daily!


Most of our worship time is spent with others. Jesus practiced solitude with God. Others that learned this secret- Moses, David, Elijah and the prophets of old.


In recent years, we have practiced a lot of freedom in the presence of God. But for your worship to move to a new depth, learn to fear God. Yes, he loves you like a child, and we can go boldly before him, but we must never forget that he is first and foremost, holy!


Never be content! Always seek a more, deeper and stronger worship experience.


Get down on your face before the Creator of the universe! Humble yourself in the sight of the Lord, and he will lift you up!


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