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What Happens in the End?

Posted by undergroundchurch on July 29, 2010

Had this discussion in our Sunday morning class, so I thought I’d walk it out here a bit.

We are not the center of God’s universe

Our self-centered nature shines through when we look at God from our vantage point with the thinking that His universe revolves around mankind.  He was here for eternity before we arrived and will be here for eternity to come; our world and existence is but a blip on that radar.

Do we really think that God was sitting around for eternity then one day decides, “I’m bored; I think I’ll create people?”

God’s Plan Rules

God had a plan that spans eternity to eternity. Our little minds can’t even fathom never having a beginning. It blows our minds because it’s against all our physical laws, but God didn’t start with our universe. He already was.

His plan “includes” people, but it also includes angels, demons, and even the devil himself.  It contains players we probably haven’t even heard about yet.  Point is that God is infinite in his majesty which means he was doing stuff before we came along.

Worlds that are Captured in the Bible

Just look at these things God has documented in Creation that directly affect us in the Bible. These are the worlds that we know of:

  • Created heaven in the beginning
  • Created Earth in the beginning
  • Created angels (and all the other spiritual beings mentioned in the Bible)
  • Angels fell / their kingdom shatters and Satan is born as the accuser
  • Created man to fill the Earth
  • Destroyed the Earth with water
  • Re-established man through Noah
  • Ushered in a Covenant through Abraham
  • Ushered in a New Covenant through His Son, Jesus
  • Jesus will rule this world for a 1000 years (A segment of believers will reign with Him) Revelation 20
  • He will destroy the heavens and earth again (Revelation 21)
  • Will rebuild both heaven and earth (notice from Revelation 21 that the only thing that makes it from the old heaven to the new earth is the New Jerusalem.

The New Jerusalem

In the New World, there is an interesting feature:

  • All the laws that govern that new world change (21:1 and 4)
  • The nations will walk by its light, and the kings of the earth will bring their splendor into the New Jerusalem. (Rev. 21:24)

What does this mean? Who are the kings? What are the nations? What is God up to? Is he done, or does he have another part of his plan to unfold?

He has done this before. Remember the angels?  They were all created perfect, but then 1/3 fell with Lucifer. Jesus later says that hell was made for the devil and his angels – Matthew 25:41 (meaning hell was probably fashioned after the angels fell).

Now those good angels are ministering spirits to mankind at the bidding of God.

Food for Thought

What if He continues that trend.  What if we are going to be ministering spirits to whatever God has next like the angels are to us? One thing I’m pretty convinced of, we probably won’t be sitting around on clouds playing harps.

You never know what God has planned, but one thing is for sure. With God, all things are possible.


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