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Computer Parts of the Spirit: Firmware

Posted by undergroundchurch on May 13, 2010

Firmware: This is embedded coding for hardware pieces to perform dedicated functions. It’s like the blender, toaster or stove in the kitchen – each have their specific function.  Each computer chip contains its own firmware code so that it can be used for a specific function and not much else.  A toaster makes a lousy poached egg.

1 Corinthians tells us that the Spirit of God gives different gifts to different people for the building up of the church.  Because we have different gifts and tasks, we cover much greater ground than if we were all alike.  Think of it this way, if we were all blenders, all but one of us would be unnecessary, and we couldn’t do much but blend.

The power of unity is not finding “common ground” and more than simply “embracing our differences”; it is actually in “leveraging our differences for the common good”.

The computer is a mix of all different chips run by firmware, but if the other components of the computer don’t leverage the power of each chip, the power of the computer as an effective tool is severely hampered. Many chips on the computer connect to other chips through operating system drivers. If the driver is incorrect or not installed for a particular chip, that chip just sits there taking up space in the computer case.

Finding common ground merely relegates our differences to a back room and doesn’t allow for the Holy Spirit to work through His church to the extent He desires.

Embracing our differences is a cultural “sound good” phrase, but as much as it might acknowledge the different gifts in one another, it leaves each to fend for their own self.  The person with one gift accepts the person with another gift, which gives a sense of unity, but nothing really comes of it.

It is only when we do both and leverage one another’s gifts that we can truly discover the power of God’s Spirit in His church.  With a common purpose, we join the different parts of the body together through the power of Love (1 Corinthians 13), and the one who has one gift is supported through the work of others with different gifts when the time arises.  This process reciprocates and each person gets to both serve and be served.

In essentials – unity; in non-essentials – liberty; in all things – love.


One Response to “Computer Parts of the Spirit: Firmware”

  1. altonwoods said

    I thought this was great,It was like it was meant just for me!

    “and the one who has one gift is supported through the work of others with different gifts when the time arises. This process reciprocates and each person gets to both serve and be served.”

    Also a great analogy with the firmware,thanks and God Bless!

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