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Computer Parts of the Spirit: RAM

Posted by undergroundchurch on May 6, 2010

RAM: Stands for Random Access Memory and is the kitchen counter on which everything is laid out that is currently in use by the computer. You only want to have on the counter things you use a lot for quick access (e.g. salt, pepper, sugar, toasters, etc.)

I remember when this stuff was $100 a megabyte, now you can buy 4,000 times that amount for $100, and it is one of the cheapest ways to extend the life of a computer.

If you add more RAM, the rest of your computer doesn’t work as hard and tends to do things a bit quicker.  Why?  It is your kitchen counter space.  The more space you have, they more room you have to set everything out that you need to cook with.  If you have enough counter space, you never need to go to the draw, cupboard or pantry.  Just get everything out one time, and you are good to go.

RAM and the WORD

The RAM is like putting the Word of God in you mind and heart.  The more you place in your memory, the less you have to run back to a Bible to find that one thing you need for the situation you’re in right now.

Let’s say that you are ministering Jesus to someone and you know that there is something in the Bible about ‘forgiveness’, but you just can’t remember what the story is about or what the lesson is to learn.  If you constantly flood your mind and heart with the Bible, you will be hiding it in your heart.  Then, when the time is right, the Holy Spirit can pull that right off the counter, bring it to your attention, and you get to bless someone.

However, if you don’t equip, He can’t use you.

Just remember, a salesman without a pen is a salesman without a sale.  A Christian without the Word of God in the heart, is just another person wanting to do good in the world, they just don’t have the tools with which to succeed.


One Response to “Computer Parts of the Spirit: RAM”

  1. This is a really good analogy. Keeping God’s word ‘within reach’ by committing it to memory has been very helpful to me, and I enjoy helping others do it too.

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