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Time-space-matter-energy Quandary

Posted by undergroundchurch on March 11, 2010

Science is not truth in its own self; it is just a search for it. Unfortunately too often, it is looking in all the wrong places.

Take evolution for example. The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics (entropy) is a basic law acknowledged by every area of science but one… evolution. It essentially states that everything is going from order to disorder, but the evolutionary field tries to argue the opposite for its particular area because if they accept the entropy law, then they have to acknowledge that something outside our time/domain cause everything that exists in the universe and that it was at one time more ordered in the past than it is now.

You see, there are four components in our universe than cannot exist without one another. Each is a related property – Time, Space, Matter and Energy.

Time is a property of Matter according to verifiable proof of Einstein’s theories. Energy is a property of matter (once again, Einstein’s famous E=MC2.) And space must exists as a subset of the existence of matter.

The problem is that you cannot have matter appear one day and then energy appear the next or time or space. Each one would have to come into existence at the exact same moment.

Atoms do not have the energy to exist forever, nor have they always been. The problem is that because of the law of entropy, everything is cooling off. Eventually, all matter in the universe will lose all heat and reach 0 degrees kelvin. At that point, all heat in the universe is gone and even the atom ceases moving.

If atoms have always existed, then the point of completed entropy would have already been and we would never be, but if atoms were created at a fixed point in time with all of their potential energy, then all four – time, space, matter and energy could be set into motion. The entire universe could be set up in a day because until matter exists, time doesn’t exist.

The alternative argument is from the evolutionary “science”, ‘first there was nothing, then it exploded'”.

It is not coincidence that the first two Bible verses address these four elements being created on day one.

In the BEGINNING, God created the HEAVENS and the EARTH… and God said, let there be LIGHT. (Genesis 1:1-3)

Each piece of the puzzle was created in one moment. It was a force outside our time domain that created the space first to put the matter. He then energized the matter (light) and time began.

There are actual theories in the scientific community that say, “alien life seeded our planet”. That odd theory may ease their minds about our existence, but not the rest of the universe. For every cause in our universe, there has to be an effect. However, you can only go back so far until you reach the beginning, but what caused the beginning?

Science will not find that answer until they are willing to acknowledge that an intelligence beyond our time-space-matter-energy world set up a system so our universe to exist. That person has a name, and is very involved in the creation he so beautifully created.


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