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Newton’s Law of Motion and Life’s Obstacles – Sinertia

Posted by undergroundchurch on January 9, 2010

I know – weird title, but the laws that govern our world tend to have a spiritual counterpart.

Newton’s had three laws of motion that can help us understand some of what happens to us on a daily basis. By tying these three examples to life’s obstacles, hopefully we can gain some understanding on how to deal with our daily circumstances.  Let’s look at the first law of motion.

The First Law of Motion – Inertia

The Law – An object in motion tends to stay in motion until an external force is applied to it.

If I throw a baseball while standing on earth, gravity, air molecules and eventually the ground itself all contribute to the baseball coming to a halt  in a 100 feet or so.  External forces fight against that baseball until it comes to a stop.

If I were floating in outer space and threw that same ball, it could theoretically travel forever as long as nothing interferes with it because there is no external force to stop its motion.


Life goes along usually pretty steady – almost routine, until that day when something happens.  All of a sudden, our life is interrupted and things come crashing down.  The first spiritual law of “sinertia” kicks in.  No, the things that happen to you do not have to happen to you because you sinned at that moment, but it does happen to you because there is sin in this world.

Until Adam and Eve violated God’s rule, life was perfect, and they never had problems.  When they spiritually left the heavens and became grounded through sin, everything began to have the capability of self-destructing.

Where they could walk through the garden and pick fruit from trees they did not plant, now they would have to plant food to eat and fight the elements, drought and thorns that came about because of sin.  The struggle of weeding the farm and the failed crops were not necessarily because they did additional sin, but disasters are now in the world because of the original sin.

Bad things happen to people when it seems that they don’t deserve it.  I hate seeing a child with cancer, a soldier lose and arm or a teen crippled for life because of a drunk driver.  That person that now has to suffer isn’t necessarily suffering because they sinned, they are suffering because sin exists and thrives in our world and nobody is immune to its impact. The impact of sin even killed Jesus causing him to suffer even though he was perfect and innocent.

Death, destruction, pain, hardship, and sickness are all byproducts of the sin seed planted through the leftover core of the fruit eaten in the garden of Eden.  It’s not God’s fault; it’s doesn’t seem fair; it hurts, and it is frustrating, but the reality is that life is full of problems.  The key is knowing how to overcome.

Overcoming Sinertia

The method of overcoming is to connect to a source that is more powerful than the force of sin that is against us.  God provided this source through His Son’s death via the power of the Holy Spirit in the believer’s life.  This power provides the means and the hope necessary to overcome all life’s problems.  It is not a guarantee of deliverance FROM the problems, but it is the hope of deliverance THROUGH any situation that arises.

The motive that keeps one pressing on in the face of trials is hope – Real Hope! This is not man’s hope that says, “Gee, I hope everything turns out alright.”  No!  It is the hope that says, “I know everything will be fine; for I know in whom I have put my trust, and I know that He is faithful, and I know that I will one day be with my God who loves me and will wipe every tear from my eye!”  It’s hope that “knows” not hope that “wishes”.

Sinertia is a powerful force in our lives, but no matter what comes your way, sinertia does not need to keep you down.  The power of the Holy Spirit given to every believer through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ can lift you up and lead  you through any trial that comes your way.

Click HERE for the 2nd Law


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