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Four Thoughts on Worship – Part 4 of 4

Posted by undergroundchurch on September 30, 2009

Part 3

Expand your horizons.

Over the last three articles, I have tried to show that Worship is not some organized, musical expression. Worship is an expression of relationship.  It is you telling God that you love him.

Comparing once again to the marriage, if I only show my love one way, it can get old and boring and could very easily become routine.  By only worshiping God one way, you run the same risks.

I want to end my little series here by expanding your horizons a bit.  Think outside the box. Add a little spice to your relationship with God.  In doing so, you may discover a deeper and fresher love and gain a stronger relationship.

  • Use the talent God gave you by returning it to him.
    • If you are an artist, do your art work for God, then give it away. During a prayer time, break out the canvas, chisel, or whatever tool you use and start creating.  Don’t sell it, but give it away.
    • If you are an accountant, secretly help others or a smaller church body with their finances.
    • If you are a computer programmer, build an app that can help the church, but don’t charge for it. Remember that you are doing it to worship the Lord, not for your gain.
  • Incorporate art into a music based worship time. Watch the following videos for examples.

Note: if you are viewing this in Facebook, you may need to click on the images and go to the Web Site to see the videos.

My personal favorite…..

  • If drama is your thing, perform – not just in the church, but on the street or in a homeless shelter, somewhere where your peers can’t praise you.

You’re getting the idea.  Pastors, try these combinations in your service.  Mix things up – don’t limit the worship to just singing.  There are a bunch of people that can’t carry a tune in a bucket, and so they listen to you are you worship.  Balance out the forms of worship to address everyone’s strength as much as possible.

Remember that the most incredible form of worship Jesus saw was a woman who poured out oil on his head and feet; she didn’t sing a word.

By worshiping the Lord through the variety of gifts, talents and strengths of the members of the body, it brings value, wonder, freshness and excitement to the whole church and can possibility ignite a fire that will transform your local church into a powerful force that can change the world.

Remember that Jesus started with 12 people, so if you pastor a church fellowship of a dozen, you have the capabilities to change the world!


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