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Four Thoughts on Worship – Part 1 of 4

Posted by undergroundchurch on September 28, 2009

Worship is the most important thing a believer can do…. Period!

Yes, there are other important tasks, lifestyles, commitments, and the like, but there is no more important matter in a believer’s life than to Love the Lord God through worship.

When Jesus tells us that the most important command is to “Love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength.” (Matthew 22:37, c.f. Deuteronomy 6:5), He only places one verb in the sentence – “Love“.

Love is a Verb

You cannot love God by simply saying, “I love you God”. That would be like me telling my wife, “I love you”, but never doing anything to demonstrate that love.

How do you show God love?

There are two basic ways of showing God love – Worship and Obedience.  Each has a different purpose and significance, but of the two, the more powerful, albeit equally important one, is Worship .

Obedience is submissive Love. When you obey God, you are telling Him that His will is more important than your own.  This is the breaking time in your journey with God.  You cannot expect God’s best for your life if you are unwilling to let go of what you think is your best for your life.  Obedience is the root of Jesus sacrifice and is demonstrated in His prayer before His death on the Cross:

Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me; yet not my will, but yours be done. – Luke 22:42

Submission to God’s will is a choice you make to follow God’s rule and not your own.  It is rooted in the “fear of God”.  Fearing God is the beginning of wisdom (Psalm 111:10).  It is a fundemental and often forgotten key to establishing a strong relationship with God.

Worship differs from obedience because it is your choice to love God apart from any rule.  It is the step in your journey that demonstrates to God and yourself, that you love God because you love God not because you fear Him!

The Worship / Obedience Balancing Act

Many Christians focus on the worship aspect of God without a true commitment to the Obedience factor. They love God, but don’t really fear God.  They are bold before Him, but really haven’t grasped the fact that He is untamable. This is not good balance and will lead you to an inaccurate understanding of who God is.

Others focus more on the obedience factor and even worship him more out of duty than love.  It’s not to say they don’t love God, but comparing it to the marriage – it is like saying, “Honey, I love you.” and then demonstrating it by patting her on her head.  It isn’t very convincing. There is no passion in it.

You have to understand that God is a passionate God first…. why else would He wipe out mankind after Adam’s sin?  He passionately chased after man even to the point of giving up His Son to die in man’s stead.

Yes, we worship God in anything we do that gives him glory. However, what is the depth of that demonstration. It is very important that I tell my wife that I love her, but it is more important that I show her – clean the house, cook a meal, do her shopping, bring her flowers, give her hugs, listen to her (guys, notice which one I left out).  These are all indicators that I love her.  In and of themselves, I don’t get a lot of satisfaction from these things, but I know that they bless her.

If the only demonstration of my love for my wife is sex, then I only demonstrate to her that I want to feel the love while giving the love.  That’s not going to fly with her, and it doesn’t fly with God. Once you understand this, your marriage will be better off, and once you apply this same concept to your relationship with God, you will have a whole new experience that will blow your mind!

Next Article, we will look at what worship is not.


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