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Undeniable Truth Number 3

Posted by undergroundchurch on September 20, 2009

God Loves You.

Three simple words, yet they embody every bit of hope, peace and joy any human can possibly imagine. I look at these words and think three things.

  1. God loves despite my background, condition or situation.
  2. God loves us first. We can’t claim that distinction.
  3. Why would God love us?

Perhaps the greatest mystery in the universe is not its origin (that one is solved); it is why God would willingly create people that he knew ahead of time would reject him?  Why didn’t He just create us to love Him?  Wouldn’t that make the whole  snake-in-the-garden-tempting-Adam-and-Eve thing a futile effort?

I have said this many times before, but it bears repeating until somebody hears it.

Love is not real love unless the one loving offers the option not to love.

God proved His love first by giving us a choice.  Yes, He knew we would choose wrong, but that didn’t make Him grieve less for us when we failed to love Him in return.  Yes, He knew we would fail to return His love, but that didn’t stop Him from making a plan to rescue us before we even failed. (cf. 2 Timothy 1:9 and Revelation 13:8)

God then proved that love once again that while we were wretched, vile, disgusting sinners, Jesus Christ took our place in death, that if anyone should receive that gift from God, they would be saved from eternal death and would be able to show their love to God.  (John 3:16; Romans 5:8)

God’s love is undeniable.  So if you are still denying His love in your life… Stop it! Receive it! aAnd learn what real love is all about.


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