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Planning to Help God Out?

Posted by undergroundchurch on September 18, 2009

I’m going to give you a little advise, “Let God be God”.  It is just fine for you to ask God how you can help in His plan.  In fact, I’d encourage you to ask to be part of His plan everyday! It’s the only way you can in any way keep up with what God is doing in this world and in the spiritual world.  But I say that if you are planning to give God suggestions and ask for things that aren’t in His plan, to coin an anti-phrase, “Just don’t do it”.

I can pretty much guarantee that if even if you think you have your hand on the pulse of God, you are in no position to lay out a plan for Him.  The Bible tells us that many plans may be in our heart, but it is the Lord that guides our path (Proverbs 19:1)

So many of our prayers are prayed in this fashion.  We want to pray in faith, and so we must, but we must also pray in accordance with the will of God, not our own.  We better hope he doesn’t answer our prayer if we pray for something that is not in His plan.

Let me give you one of many examples in the Bible where a man prayed their own will above God’s will.  Even though things may seem all well on the surface, we can cause really big problems.

2 Chronicles 29-32 tell of the story of Hezekiah, a very good king that did what was right before the Lord.  He fixed and purified the temple that was in disrepair, consecrated the Levitical priesthood so they could minister before the Lord, purged the land of idols, took up a 4 month long offering (sorta like some churches still do today), and annihilated the Assyrian army by prayer only.

He did have an Achilles heel however.  In an act of pride, he showed the Babylonians all  the treasures of Israel.  God was disappointed with this and it would cost them dearly.  2 Chronicles 32:25 mentions it in passing, but 2 Kings 20 breaks it down further.

Before Hezekiah had his issue of pride, God’s plan was that Hezekiah would die.  He told him that he should get his house in order because he wasn’t going to recover from his sickness. Hezekiah didn’t take this well and cried out before the Lord not to let it happen.  God changed and gave Hezekiah 15 additional years.  This would prove tragic.

First, as previously stated, his pride got the best of him and God said that because of it, the kingdom would be captured by the Babylonians (the very people he showed everything to.)

Second, and more disturbing, was that he bore a son during this time.  This son’s name was Manasseh and he would become the most wicked king ever to reign in Israel.  Had Hezekiah been submissive to the will of God, he would have died at 40 years old, which sounds sad, but he would have no mark on his record.  He also would not have fathered the most wicked child in the kingdom’s history.  You see, Manasseh was only 12 years old when he took over.  He was born a mere three years after God’s best plan would have been put into action. Manasseh also brought this devastation for 55 long years.

Now I am not saying that if you get your prayer answered, you are going to birth a Manasseh.  What I am saying is that though you are free to ask for anything, understand that if your will supersedes God’s will in any way, the results could be more costly than you know.

If you want more of your prayers answered, learn to pray the will of God (Matthew 26:42).  Learn to hear His heart and respond accordingly.  You’ll be glad you did.


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