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Prayer the Nehemiah Way, Part 6 of 8

Posted by undergroundchurch on September 3, 2009

Have you ever been lied about?  Have you ever had a rumor started about you, and you find that you are running around trying to put out the fire? Why is it that people feel so compelled to do this?

The spirit in a person that drives them to lies and rumors about others is a core sin based in one human condition – fear.  Fear is the second most powerful spiritual force that controls the outcomes of people’s lives; the number one force, by the way, is faith.

The rumor mill is driven by a fear that says, “I can’t improve myself to your level, so I will drag you down to mine.”  This is also a powerful political weapon wielded everyday in statehouses everywhere, but that is for another post.

The enemy of Nehemiah attempted to crush the hopes of the people by thinking that if they caused enough strife, then the worker’s hands would grow weak and Jerusalem wouldn’t get rebuilt.

Nehemiah’s prayer was quite simple, and it wasn’t the type of prayer you might think he’d pray. He said, “Lord, strengthen my hands.” (Nehemiah 6:9)

Again, this was a great opportunity for Nehemiah to bring down the fire of heaven on his enemies, but Nehemiah chose to take the high road.  The best way to defeat the enemy was to complete the task, not destroy the enemy.

Think about the two possible victories:

A) Nehemiah defeats the enemy, Nehemiah builds Jerusalem, or

B) Nehemiah stands strong in the face of the enemies attacks and still rebuilds Jerusalem.

Which victory carries more value?

I tell my kids all the time that if I give them something for free, the value is greatly reduced, and it is easy to take it for granted.  However, if they earn that thing, then the value of it is equal to the price paid.  There is greater value in something earned than in something received.

We tend to grow stronger when we have to battle through our problems rather than when we are delivered from our problems.  The successful journey readies us for the next hurdle down the road, so that when we get to it, it doesn’t seem as high as the first.

So in short, don’t be afraid of praying for strength through the trial as opposed to praying for retrieval out of the situation. Maybe you will find that the victory is sweeter.


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