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Prayer the Nehemiah Way, Part 5 of 8

Posted by undergroundchurch on September 1, 2009

Part 4

This prayer occurred earlier with Nehemiah, but I think this is the best point to talk about it.  Again, the content of the prayer is not mentioned, but the purpose is quite clear.

The king said to me, “What is it you want?” Then I prayed to the God of heaven and I answered the king. (2:4)

Nehemiah was just hanging around the king very sad after his prayer and fasting about Jerusalem’s plight. The king recognized the heaviness of Nehemiah’s heart, then asked the question, “What is it you want?”

The king was actually setting up Nehemiah for a blessing by the power of God. This is one of those situations where everything seems to be going perfect, a blessing comes, the stars align, all the players seem to be in the perfect spot.  The immediate tendency for most of us is to just go with the flow. 

It’s the kind of thing that sports athletes, poker players and believers share in common – getting in a groove.  It feels good when everything is happening just right; in fact, you feel like you can take on the world.  And therein lies the danger.

I think Nehemiah knows this, and so he does the one thing that is the ultimate evidence that he fears the Lord, he prays even though it seems unnecessary.

Pride is a nasty thing, and usually attacks you when everything is going well.  He had been praying and fasting, God set up everything just right, so instead of jumping right in, he prays. This simple act kept the power of pride from rearing its ugly head.

And what about that prayer? You know the kind of prayer he prayed, “Oh, Lord! You know this is a do or die situation.  Give me wisdom, strength and favor.”  It’s one of those short prayers that reminds us and the Lord that we know that He is in charge.

Reading through the Bible you will find scores of these types of prayers.  No recorded words, just the mentioning of a prayer.  Even Jesus prayed these prayers constantly. This is how the Christian walk should be. 

When you go to that meeting at work, spend a moment and pray.  When you make a decision that is either big or small, take a moment and remember who’s in charge.

These prayers aren’t insignificant; they are telling.  They show a heart that is bent toward God and humble toward self.  These are the prayers we should pray often and everywhere.


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