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Prayer the Nehemiah way 1 of 8

Posted by undergroundchurch on August 26, 2009

Prayer is powerful, plain and simple.  It is a means God gave us to communicate with Him, and one important thing to remember is that God has not changed… ever!

Sure we have an avenue of grace with God that didn’t exist before, but the truth is that God still expects righteousness, repentence, worship and sacrifice.  We live in a “bless me” generation, and while it is true that God loves to bless his children, as one author said, “He is more concerned about your character than your comfort.”

Prayer needs to be a balance that is at least half worship a quarter repentence, with the remainder primarily focused on others.  Oh yeah.  If you still have time at the end, bring your needs before him, but remember that He already knows what you need, are you willing to sacrifice in your prayer life for his will to be done?

Nehemiah was a man that knew the power of prayer and was able to balance it well.  Prayer changed him as it changed the people around him and still succeeded in moving the nation forward.

In the next few posts, we are going to look at the prayers of Nehemiah, a man that knew adversity, stood in the face of fear through faith in God and took huge risks in order to see the will of God come to pass.


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