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Undeniable Truth Number 3

Posted by undergroundchurch on August 2, 2009

God Loves you!

I know that you’ve probably heard that many times, but if it doesn’t resonate inside your being, then you probably don’t quite grasp the power of that love.

To best understand this, you need to know what God’s love is and is not. 

God’s love is…

  1. Not determined upon your merit. You can’t earn His love.
  2. Irrevocable. You can’t make Him stop loving you, you can grieve God, but not make Him stop loving.
  3. Unfazed by your current circumstance.  He deals with your future and can forgive your past. Your situation is reconcilable.
  4. Life altering.  Think about this, the creator of the universe (yes the universe was created) loves insignificant you.  That is both humbling and empowering.

God’s love is not…

  1. Fluctuating.  He doesn’t love you less or more today than yesterday.
  2. Bought, bribed or bartered. You can’t work for him to make him love you more. You can’t make Him love you more because you go to church and never cuss, and you certainly can’t bribe him, “I’ll love you if you do this for me.”
  3. Human love.  God’s love is not even on the same plane as human love.  “While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” Human love would not voluntarily give up its life for a bunch of reprobates that have not love in return.  God showed perfect love when we hated him most.
  4. To be taken lightly.  He loves and calls us children, but he also is a terrifying God that we must come before with fear and trembling.  Yet, we can come boldly before him, but only in holiness and with joy. There is no more perfect balance in the universe than that which is found in God.

God only wants one thing – your undying love in return.  I have heard many people say, “If God is so loving, why is there evil in the world?”  The answer is actually quite simple – we invited it.

The interesting thing about love is that you can’t truly love unless you have the option not to love.  Love is a choice, not a feeling or manipulation.  God gave us a choice through Adam to love Him first, and Adam refused, opting for death. We have that same choice to love God today, yet so many of us choose to ignore our option to love God in return, and instead choose to live only for this life.

God’s love is ever reaching, never ending and unrelenting, and the only way to truly experience the benefits is to surrender our pride and allow Him to release the power of that Love in our lives.


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