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Undeniable Truth Number 1

Posted by undergroundchurch on July 19, 2009

OK; there are loads of undeniable truths found in the Bible, but I want to hit on what I believe is the top ten keys.  These are the black and white truths of Scripture that are very plain.

The best part about truth is that is doesn’t change whether or not we choose to believe it. You can deny the existence of gravity, but if you step off a cliff, you will discover that your belief system didn’t line up with the undeniable truth.

I do want to gear these toward believers even though they still apply to those that don’t believe in Jesus as the only way and savior of the world.

Number 1 – Forgiveness is not an Option

I know that we think we may have rights, but the fact is that God doesn’t give us any rights when it comes to forgiving others. You must forgive!

In fact, the Bible is plain about it, if you don’t forgive others, God will not forgive you  (Matthew 6:5-15). In fact, the post discussion on the Lord’s prayer, which has this concept at its core, also focuses on fogiving. 

I was in Sunday class today, and we were talking about the reasons why we should forgive.  I listened to Stormie Omartian speak why we should forgive.  They were all good reasons, but reasons that can only be discovered once you obey Jesus and forgive.

God expects obedience first and faith second.  You don’t always understand why God demands certain things from us.  We think that because we were wronged by an individual that we have the right to retaliate with unforgiveness.  Unfortunately, you don’t see the reason to forgive until you actually forgive.  Your unforgiveness blinds you to the peace you can have with a life full of love and not bitterness.

The only person that hurts when you are filled with unforgiveness is you. It is the number one undeniable truth and one that can affect your eternity.


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