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Have a Powerful Life

Posted by undergroundchurch on May 20, 2009

You know, Christianity is easy in theory, but very difficult in practice.  But like most things, the more you practice, the better you get. 

There is a secret that every Christian should know about their faith.  It’s a secret that many may have heard about, but few understand.  If we can just get this one nugget of knowledge, we can and will become a most powerful people. 

Like the U.S. Constitution for our country, the Bible lays out a great framework for the believer’s life.  Application is the key.  When the Constitution is rightly applied, the country benefits and the original intent is met. When it is misinterpreted, you get all sorts of strange concoctions.

The Bible delivers an outstanding framework in one particular chapter that if followed, will guarantee success.  Now remember that success is not measured by the content of your garage, but the character of your being; because God is more interested in your character than your comfort – Rick Warren

Romans chapter eight is the believer’s constitution.  So many have preached on it. So many more have said amen to its content, but so few really follow its instruction. Its instructions are plain, but its practice is difficult, especially if you try to practice it on your own.

Jesus left earth with a promise, the Holy Spirit.  He would come and dwell in us and empower us to live out this difficult Christian walk.  He is more than a conscience, He is the power you need.  He brings with Him, power, comfort, correction, gifts, character building tools, insight into your appointed path, help in dealing with your faults, enhanced prayer, conviction when your stray from the course and a tireless attention to detail.

The Holy Spirit is more than a tag-along in your Christian journey; He is your strength.  The secret to the victorious Christian walk is not to rely on your own strength to do it.  You have to let go of the reigns and and let God get in the driver seat.  He wants you to succeed, and more important, He knows how to get you there. 

So fellow believers, have a powerful life!  You aren’t alone, the Holy Spirit is there just waiting for you to let go.  When you do though, be ready.  He will not operate in ways that always make sense to you, but the more you release to Him, the more you trust in Him, the greater your victories and the more powerful your life shall be.


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