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A Mother’s Sacrifice

Posted by undergroundchurch on May 10, 2009

There are many great examples of mothers throughout the Bible.  I wanted to highlight perhaps one of the most pivotal decisions a mother made and the results of that decision.

The days were nothing special and the power of God seemed to be far off.  The people went through the motions, and the religious community was corrupt.  The nation of Israel contained both righteous and wicked people, and the nation had experienced great ups and downs through the years.  But something was stirring in the mind of God, and a chosen couple would soon arise with pure hearts and come to a point of decision that would alter the course of history.

The woman struggled day in and day out with her inability to have children.  She would cry out before God and ask him to remember her.  One day, while praying at the temple, she prayed a prayer that would alter her life forever:

O LORD Almighty, if you will only look upon your servant’s misery and remember me, and not forget your servant but give her a son, then I will give him to the LORD for all the days of his life, and no razor will ever be used on his head.

God heard, and 9 months later, she bore a son.  She aptly named him, “God hears”.

She weaned the boy and took him back to the temple to the high priest and, because of her promise to God, left him to be raised in the temple.

What faith this woman had; what struggle she must have felt in her soul when she walked away that day, but her trust in the Lord gave her the ability to write a song.  That song is recorded in 1 Samuel 2 and reflects the triumph of that day.  For she saw that God had answered her prayer and removed her disgrace.  That alone was worth the great sacrifice she would make.  The very thing she prayed to receive, she was willing to give back to God so that He could do something with her Son that she could never imagine.

For the boy grew up in the presence of God and was there the day God rejected the current religious leadership of Israel.  He stepped in to fill a gap in history between the time of the judges and the time of the kings. He fulfilled his own name when he alone heard God when even the high priest, Eli could not.  And when the time had reached its pinnacle, God used this man to anoint a shepherd boy named David.

For a God-fearing and loving mother, Hannah had set into motion by faith a spiritual revival beginning with the selfless act of her giving her one and only son, Samuel that he might be a light and hope to usher in a new dynasty for Israel.  Her sacrifice, dedication and love for God and her son proved invaluable to the course of human history.  It was that selfless act that kept the lineage of the Messiah alive. 

Her faith started a snowball effect for Israel’s renewal of faith. It’s amazing what one selfless act can do.  It reminds me of another mother that made a selfless choice to be the mother to the son of God.  Selfless acts never go unnoticed by God.


2 Responses to “A Mother’s Sacrifice”

  1. godblessloveandlight said

    Happy Mothers Day; A Tribute to Mothers,

    The Architect of Life

    Mothers; The Architect, Inspiring Foundation and Legend of our Life

    A Humble & Admirable Tribute to Mothers;

    Mothers are The Very Most Admirable; Adorable; Beautiful;

    Creative; Honourable; Intelligent; Loving & Respected Persons

    Mothers are the Symbol of Peace, Faith, Hope, Love, Courage,

    Vision,Wisdom, Noble Principles & Values and the very Finest

    Virtues of Life

    Mothers; The Meaningful Pioneer of our Life;

    Mothers are the epitome of divinity


    A Mother gives us the most precious Gift of Life and then nurtures us thoughtfully, with love, care and utmost affection, standing by us at each and every step of Life


    We should seek to always be there for our Mothers likewise; standing by and very most lovingly supporting our Mothers at each and every step of Life; always with Admiration; Appreciation; Immense Gratitude; Love and Respect for our Mothers always; God Bless Mothers always with the Very Best in Life

    Life always truly encourages us to pursue our objectives with a True and Meaningful Vision of Wisdom – meaningful consideration- meaningful intention- meaningful priority- meaningful responsibility- meaningful diligence- meaningful fortitude; meaningful forbearance; meaningful temperance; meaningful prudence, meaningful wisdom and meaningful confidence at each and every instance, whether in thought or deed


    A Mother is the very Pillar; The very meaningful foundation upon which our Life is so very meaningfully constructed

    Good Natured Principles & Values

    A Mother is the stable and meaningful foundation of good natured principles and values that our Mother’s teach us

    Continued …………….


  2. internet elias said

    Jeff, what a perfect day to remember Hannah. My husband and I were childless after just six years of hoping. So I can’t really relate to Hannah’s desparation. But, like Hannah, I went to God and specifically asked for a child. After four miscarriages He blessed us with four children. The third, Benjamin, went back to the Father after only twenty-two minutes…all in the perfect plan of God. In my heart I knew Benjamin was purposed to have eternal life with God. But there was yet another child purposed for earthly life with us. Again, I asked God to fulfill His will. Ana ….(named for Hannah/Ann is derived from Hannah meaning ‘prayer’/Ann is a traditional name in my family)……came about nine months to the day from Benjamin’s first birthday. He was born at 3:50 in the afternoon. She was born at 3:58. Eight minutes difference…’eight’.. God’s number of new beginnings.

    We can learn many lessons from Hannah. Her relationship with God was a close one. She ‘trusted’ God with her (His) child.

    Again, good post. Thanks.

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