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Different Styles of Worship

Posted by undergroundchurch on May 3, 2009

I have posted several videos below to show different forms of worship.  I personally love worship when it extends beyond just music and singing.  I challenge you all to express your worship to God beyond the box of music and singing.  Use the gift God gave you to return worship to him.  It’s a beautiful thing.

This video show using sand art in worship.

The following one shows white on black painting with a single guitar and singer.  Very tender.

This post has well over 3 million hits on Youtube. He is known as the Jesus Painter. Very cool use of the characteristics of Christ.

You can even use art as an evangelistic tool.

How ’bout some worship via blacklights and white gloves.  This one is very good.

These are but samples.  There are other expressions of corporate worship that have touched not only my heart, but the hearts of many people around the world.

I think in pictures. Art reaches deep inside of me whether it is music, drama or paintings.

I see people walking into churches after song services to just hear the preaching and I wonder, “why would they miss the best part of the corporate worship experience?”  Maybe we need to make sure that we expand our worship experience to touch people in new ways.

Don’t be afraid to introduce – art, dance, drama, mime, etc. into the worship experience.  Allow the prophetic touch of the Holy Spirit to minister through people to God.  You might just see the power of God.


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