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Jesus shall walk again

Posted by undergroundchurch on April 29, 2009

Today’s Biblegateway verse:

I know that my Redeemer lives, and that in the end he will stand upon the earth – Job 19:25

This scripture was written during the time of Abraham.  That’s about 1600 years before Jesus stood on earth as a man.  That’s also around 2000 years after God walked on earth the first time – you remember, in the garden with Adam?

So just how many times has Jesus in some form actually, physically walked on earth. When considering this, remember that before he came as a babe in a manger, He was (and still is) the Word of God. So where the Father was, Jesus was too.

  1. He walked with Adam in the Garden – Genesis 3:8
  2. He appeared to Abraham with two others – Genesis 18
  3. He appeared to Hagar – Genesis 16*
  4. He wrestled with Jacob – Genesis 32:22-31
  5. Moses at the burning bush – Exodus 3:2
  6. He passed before Moses – Exodus 33:22
  7. 40 years in the desert with Israel in the Tent of Meeting
  8. He spent time on the mountain with Moses – Deuteronomy 10
  9. He confronts Balaam – Numbers 22:23*
  10. At Bokim – Judges 2*
  11. With Gideon – Judges 6*
  12. To Samson’s parents – Judges 13*
  13. To Elijah – 1 Kings 19:7
  14. Defending Jerusalem – 2 Kings 19*
  15. Zechariah – Zechariah 1*
  16. With Joshua – Zechariah 3
  17. Jesus Birth to death – Gospels
  18. Jesus After rising from the dead – Gospels/Acts
  19. Jesus to Paul – Acts 9
  20. Jesus Return on Mt. of Olives- Zechariah 14:4
  21. Jesus Return to Rule 1000 years – Revelation 20
  22. New Jerusalem on New Earth (this one is forever – Revelation 21-22

* Refer to the Angel of the Lord, which many scholars believe to be Jesus or God in human like form prior to the birth.

Now I may have forgotten or missed a couple, but you get the gist.  God is a regular when it comes to visiting earth.  Job knew three things in this verse:

  1. He knew that his Redeemer was God (He is alive in 1600 b.c.)
  2. That in the end, his Redeemer would stand on the earth. Which he had already done, and as we discover in Revelation, he would remain on the earth in the New Jerusalem forever.
  3. That no matter what happened to him, holding on to the faith that his Redeemer was real was his only hope.  Even though he suffered incredibly, his understanding of of God’s promise of a redeemer coming kept him going through the worse of circumstances until that day when He would see his Redeemer face to face.

We can learn a lot from Job, but the most important thing is hope.  He completely put his hope in God, not for the temporary things on this earth that are here today and gone tomorrow; he put his hope in an eternal reward. 

Yes, it hurts to go through the tough times, but without legitimate hope in a future that is secure, you only have worse things than trouble on this earth to look forward to.

Someone said it this way, “The worse this earth has to offer is the closest thing to hell a believer will ever experience; the best this earth has to offer is the closest to heaven an unbeliever will ever know.”


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