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Seven Sins of a Dying Church

Posted by undergroundchurch on April 24, 2009

Based on research from Lifeway Christian Resources, there are seven sins of a dying church – that is a church no longer producing fruit.

  1. Diluting doctrine– making the Bible more palatable to non-believers by altering its meaning on foundational doctrines.
  2. Loss of evanglistic passion– the pastor is a dipstick… not literally, but figuratively for the congregation, if his heart isn’t into reaching the lost, the people probably aren’t either.
  3. Failure to be relevant – they are like a LP in a digital world. Times a people change and you have to adjust to the mission field you are in.  However, it is important that you don’t lose your foundation in the process.
  4. Conflict over personal preferences – there is no worse battle field than the field on which the blood of saints were killed by their own.  We can fight over the color of carpet but don’t have that same energy to fight for the lives of people.  It’s about getting the priorities right.
  5. Putting priority on comfort – It’s like parking your car in the driveway for a year because you’re too lazy to change the batteries in your garage door opener remote.  We get too comfortable to move.
  6. Biblical illiteracy – Only 3% of churches have a plan to teach the whole Bible to their people.  Is it any wonder why we have Christians that don’t even believe the Bible is true?  Only 46% of Christians believe in a moral absolute! – Barna Survey
  7. Few outwardly focused ministries – 95% of all church ministries minister to the members of the church.  That is not be God’s design but man’s.

If you notice, most of these failures happen when we shut the door to the world.  Churches aren’t clubs, they are hospitals.  The doors are always open.


One Response to “Seven Sins of a Dying Church”

  1. timbob said

    Greetings in Jesus name. I just found your blog and this posting makes some very important observations. Too many of us have become comfortable and lukewarm when it comes to the issues that matter. Souls are far more important than the color of the new carpet.

    I’ll be looking forward to visiting again. Blessings always in Jesus name.

    p.s. We don’t live too far from you. Constantine Michigan is about five miles north of the Indiana border.

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