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The Price of the Sacrifice

Posted by undergroundchurch on April 8, 2009

The price of the sacrifice


Mat 27:50


How does God die?  Or better, How can man kill God?


Jesus Paid it all, all to Him I owe. Sin had left a crimson stain, He washed me white as snow. He shed his blood seven times for you and me.  Each time it cost Him somthing.

  1. Lk 22:39-46 Prayer in the Garden
    1. Price: forfeit His will
  2. Mt 26:57-68 Beaten by Sanhedrin
    1. Price: rejection by the religious community
  3. Jn 19:1 Scourged
    1. Price: rejection by the world
  4. Jn 19:2 – Crown of Thorns
    1. Price: Mocking His authority (Jesus did not respond in the authority he had)
  5. Jn 19:3 – Guards beat him (Praetorian)
    1. Price: innocent man condemned
  6. Jn 19:117,18 – Crucified
    1. Price: Became our sacrifice for Sin (bore the weight of sin)
  7. Jn 19:31ff – Spear
    1. Price: God died

 But it didn’t end there. It’s easy to believe that Jesus died a cruel death in a cruel world, but the real challenge of faith begins at the resurrection. How could a man rise from the dead and live forever?  From the time of the resurrection the world has attempted to deny its historicity.


The core of the bible makes it clear that the crucifixion and resurrection are two sides of the same coin


By the crucifixion||resurrection

  • Jesus Pays the price for sin || empowers them to defeat sin and death
  • Delivers them from hell and eternal judgment || assures them of eternal life with God
  • Took the punishment for those who believe || gave the believer favor with God
  • He was the lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world || he becomes the lion of Judah who will rule over all the world
  • Jesus became the victim of the sin of man || Jesus became the victor over sin and death
  • He offered us the only way to salvation || He adopted us as brothers and sisters
  • God pardoned all who believe || He moved them from the prison cell to the palace of the king
  • Washes away the guilt and shame || makes us co heirs with Jesus of the whole universe
  • Jesus removes the worthlessness from man || give us confidence and boldness
  • Opens the gates of heaven for who so ever will come || Gives them a seat next to him at the banquet in heaven
  • Gives us salvation|| Brings us life
  • Gives us redemption back to God || brings us into His throne room

The death and resurrection are inseparable – they stand together or fall together


It is a fallacy to say – I know Jesus was crucified, but I don’t believe in the resurrection. Those that say that are standing on the wrong side of Easter, which means the wrong side of God, Heaven, on the side of Hell and will spend eternity in the pit.


But the good news of Easter is that anyone who will receive Him will have salvation and eternal life with God.


The search for meaning and the afterlife continues today as for thousands of years despite the fact that it is staring us square in the face.


Why I know His resurrection happened…


500 people saw him alive after he rose

He was buried with a 2 ton stone in front of the grave, guarded by a squadron of soldiers and the seal of the king on the tomb

10 of the 11 apostles died for Him, the other boiled in oil and placed in exile.

Everybody that followed him were hiding in fear of their own lives


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