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Misguided Passion

Posted by undergroundchurch on April 8, 2009

 Article after article continue to look at Mel Gibson’s “The Passion” with critical eyes, even by individuals yet to see the movie.  They attempt to interpret the Jewish portrayal in a negative light and focus attention on everything the movie is NOT about. 

 I experienced the movie in January 2004 with over 4,500 others in Chicago. I found the movie powerful and intense and would never conclude that it rendered anti-Semitic thought. In fact, I think I came away with a greater compassion for the Jew after seeing the movie.  The real brutes in the movie were the Roman soldiers.  They showed aggressive tendencies, to say the least, and needed some serious counseling.  Should I hate them because they beat my Lord?  He forgave them.

 Actually, many of the Jews in the movie loved Jesus, and why not; a Jew himself, Jesus healed the sick and raised the dead. 

 But this movie avoided dwelling on any group or individual around Jesus.  Only one thing matters in this movie, and, those that try to read “hate” into everything pertaining to this movie will not like it.  It is all about Jesus… period! 

 The movie opens with the entire premise of the movie wrapped up in one scene.  Jesus is in the garden praying in agony because He knows what’s coming.  Over in the corner, beneath a tree, is Satan (a little artistic license thrown in, but it shows insight into the real war going on). Satan whispers, taunting Jesus to give up.  He sends a snake over toward Jesus (no reason given).  As Jesus slowly rises and turns to leave His place of prayer, he crushes the serpent under His foot. 

 The only enemy is Satan – and he loses. The real battle exists in the spiritual world not the physical world.  That is revealed in a very clever manner, which you will have to see to understand.  This is the real secret to the movie’s power.

 Except for the scores of prophecies fulfilled in the last week of his life, it wouldn’t matter if a Jew, Roman, or American put Him to death; His death fulfilled God’s method for salvation.  Any believer that is angry with a Jew or anyone else for Jesus’ crucifixion misses the fact that God arranged the whole thing.  You see, the Jew may have been present and part of the equation, but the fact remains that every man, woman, boy and girl in the world put Him to death because of our evil hearts.  The world still crucifies Him every day by pushing God further and further out of their lives.  However, the “passion” was His (thus the movie title – “The Passion of the Christ”). 

 Mel finished the interview at the premier I went to with this rather profound remark, “Jesus could have accomplished what He needed to accomplish by pricking his finger, but He decided, ‘It isn’t enough’”

 Jesus said it this way, “No one takes my life from me, but I lay it down of my own accord.” (John 10:18)  Why? Real love could do no less.

 So, get off of a faulty bandwagon of hate and go watch the greatest love story ever told.


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