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Stupid Sheep

Posted by undergroundchurch on April 6, 2009

Isaiah 53:6 – We all, like sheep, have gone astray, each of us has turned to his own way; and the LORD has laid on him the iniquity of us all.

Take it from this verse, and many others like it, “You don’t deserve God’s love”. 

Oh, you may think you are a good person cause you ain’t killed nobody, but the fact remains that you are born to die. You live everyday in your sin and are destined to one day die – alone, unloved and pathetic.

What have you ever done for God to make up for the rejection you brought to him. You run; you hide; you didn’t seek him out first.  You were retched, pitiful, naked and blind.  You couldn’t see the truth because it shone a light on you and revealed all your deepest darkest sin, your flaws and you failures.  God is too good for you. There is no chance at all for you to take one step that would endear you to God.

Who are you but a worm? Why would God take notice? What hope do you have to find Him? You are somewhere between Billy Graham and Hitler and even Billy Graham knows he doesn’t deserve a savior.

You are a stupid sheep. You don’t know your way; you follow the crowd and call it “individuality”, you fall over and you can’t get back up on your own.  You are frail and weak against the evil that is out there.

You are hopeless and wretched.

And yet….

While you were in this mess, while you were sinning away, lost in your depravity, Jesus the Messiah, the one and only from God made himself into flesh through the birthing process, grew up the same way you did – he wore diapers, learned to talk and walk, and probably hit his thumb with a hammer just like you. He lived a life without a sin.

He came with a mission that nobody here asked Him to take on. He came to die; only His death would bring salvation to the world for those that received this free gift of love.

While we were sinners, Jesus the Messiah died for you, for me, for every wretched one of us. None of us deserved it, but God so loved you.  He so wanted to have relationship with you that He sent the most important thing He had – His own, to die a death of a criminal even though He was innocent so that you could have an opportunity to make a simple choice to receive this free gift or not and have eternal life with God. 

You can be freed from the spiral of death even though you don’t deserve it.  That is love.  There is no greater demonstration of love than dying for someone you love except dying for someone that doesn’t deserve your love. Jesus showed you this type of love, all you have to do is receive it and freedom from death is yours.


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