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Happy Cloak Sunday!!!

Posted by undergroundchurch on April 6, 2009

Today is Palm Sunday – a day I like to call “cloak Sunday”.  You see, only one passage said anything about palms, but three of the gospels talk about people laying down their clothes.

Why is this significant?  When you lay down your clothes, you expose your nakedness.  I’m sure that most if not all weren’t totally naked that day, but it sets in motion a principle. 

They were making Jesus King that day in fulfillment of Scripture.  They were hoping to make Him king of the land, but He was just seeking to be king of their hearts.  Either way, a sign of submission to the king was to “expose” yourself for who you are.  The servant slaves of the house wore the least amount of closes.  They were signified in an undignified fashion.  They would rip their own clothes off to provide for the master of the house if needed.

The people were giving themselves wholly to Jesus that day.  Granted, it only lasted 3 days, but that day signified – we are your servants, do with us as you will. 

Everyday in the Christian’s life, we should celebrate this underlining principle of Cloak Sunday.  We should cast aside our pride, our own covering and glory for the King of glory.  We should submit whole heatedly.  We should not change our minds three days later as they did, but make Jesus the true king of our lives.


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